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ACH “Automated Clearing House” a fund deliver system that processes e-payments and electronic debit and credit transfer. Incorporating electronic check payment solutions for your customers can take your business at new heights, as they do not have to go for complex payment process to transact.

Digital Payment Innovation that Transforms E-Commerce.

digital payment innovation
digital payment innovation

Digital payment is something paying online through various digital modes. In the digital payment transaction, the payer and payee both involved in a transaction without going anywhere, it means that both can send and receive money online. It is also called electronic payment. No hard cash is required for paying anywhere. Digital payment eliminates cash and increases more business. For example in a cash transaction, the payer goes into the bank to withdraw cash or at the ATM just he wants to buy something from the retail store and then the shopkeeper also will go in the bank to deposit that money which he/she has earned. Instead of doing all these things, standing in a queue of ATM or giving more visit to the bank let’s move on to the digital payment method which is time saving for the business.

Some Digital Payment System that Transforms E-Commerce

Credit cards

Credit cards are something by which we can pay for goods and services over and above the limit in our account. Due to the number of credit cards being issued by the bank is increasing there is a rapid increase in the digital payment as well online payment. Digital payment is transforming the mind of customers, as it is the convenient and easiest mode of payment accepted worldwide. Nowadays most e-commerce sites have given the number of choice to the customer to pay for the goods and services offered for sale, this will indirectly increase the customer base and boost sales by which your organization will lead to accomplishing the goal. The customer also feels secure that they have paid money to the merchant in his/her account online.

UPI apps

UPI apps or unified payment interface is a payment solution app by which you can easily transfer fund from one account to another. These apps were usually being provided by the concerned bank only but as digital payment flow started from country to the country now there are numerous UPI Apps available in the market such as Paytm, Mobikwik, etc. and many more. This app allows you to pay for everything which you want to consume as it is linked from your bank account. For using it you don’t require to follow any documentation in your bank or the company from which you will be operating your payment. Most of the banks also provide these services through mobile banking so that their customer feels happy regards to the service offered. The only thing is that you should have an android phone and stable internet connection. It is better to use if your phone allows you to use such apps because sometimes you may find it doing trouble if your phone doesn’t have enough battery or it has no internet connection.


E-wallets or mobile wallet is the digital version of your physical wallet by which you can pay for the goods and services with more functionality. E-wallets allow you to recharge, pay for different services through your smartphone which means all things under one roof. E-wallets are convenient and easier way to pay for the goods and services which are online. E-wallets also give you cash back offers on different transactions. This in return transforms e-commerce and increasing globalization and allows the merchant to reach wide customer base.

E-wallets are the faster and affordable mode of digital payment method which should be used by every person who earns. But if you use such type of wallets on your smartphone you should lock your phone otherwise someone else might access your wallet.

Women and Business- the Present Equation

women entrepreneurship in UK
women entrepreneurship in UK

There was a time when women was not supposed to toehold in the business purpose, but now the mindset has been changed and most of the women have come up with great ideas and business that today they are most successful businesswomen throughout the world. Now various government and non-government organizations give hand to the growing business and support the woman who faces lack of money problem. Now in most of the corporate offices in UK 30% of the staff is female participation at medium and top levels, which was earlier not at all just a decade ago. At the same time, employment in the UK is more prominent than other nations of the world and even within the Europe.

Here we shall look out at some mental liabilities that take the steps of women back from starting a business. These are answers to the questions which the women especially want to know before entering into the foray of business world.

Do Women still Struggle to be taken seriously in the Business.

A big deterrent that the women entrepreneur pursuits that business is totally main domain but it is not like that. Initially managerial posts were grabbed by the men. But today women’s are also capable of being at that post because today psychology has been changed, from the younger days women’s are trained to stand equally with men which makes them more talented as men which is a nice impression to conduct a business. Traditionally men’s have made the rules and policy decisions regarding conduct of the business, this also conquer the women not to enter business.

The Fear of Failure

This is not a specific thing for a women –it affects the men as well. The only thing because the number of women are low in the business premises this is much apprehension which shrouds them. And that gives birth to fear of failure. Today there are various options by which women can enter into the business such as funding, management tutorials and so on, but these still are of no avail because most of the women think or had a harbor feeling that they will not be able to work in the domain of entrepreneurialism. These mentalities certainly don’t work.

Here is one of the famous entrepreneur stories of the woman in UK. These may not be the most successful or the richest, but they are chosen on the basis of inspiring stories behind them. It is vastly motivational to see how these women surmounted all odds and went ahead to become the most famous entrepreneur in the UK.

Linda Kristin Bennett (founder of LK Bennett)

LK Bennett is the popular women fashion store currently in UK. But this was just started by initiative of one woman- Linda Kristin Bennett. This woman first went to training in the Harshneys Corwainders College and then later on went for the practice of her trade. Initially she was given license to sell the women’s shoes later on she added bags and clothes to her arsenal. Slowly but surely, her business went to Ireland and France, her retail stores and boutiques started increasing across the land. Currently it has 109 stores in different locations of Europe and has become the trusted brand of women in the field of accessories.

Recently the business was sold to the Phoenix equity partners for a sum of £70 million. The valuation of this business was just the brainchild of one women entrepreneur which was at £100 million. Before being sold, the company was having £65 million per year business. After being sold also LK Bennett has 30% of stake in it.
Just with the respect currently she is one of the famous and the finest entrepreneur in UK. She was awarded with “Earnest and Young Entrepreneur award” in the year 2002. Recently she was awarded Entrepreneurs Award for the Entrepreneur of the year in 2009.

Radiantpay wishes happy International Women’s Day!