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ACH Transfer| How They Processed and Work?

ACH transactions are computerized payments that provides benefits to customers and merchants in an inexpensive way. It is controlled by an automated clearing house network, funds are transferred directly from on bank account to another. This type of payment are automated or recordkeeping and offers an easy way of the electronic payment system. ACH payments are the most popular form of payment transfer method for many businesses that they can offer to their consumer, as it cost low transaction fees and convey predictable processing timelines.

Every year more than 25 billion ACH Transactions are been processed by the ACH network. Radiant pay facilitates ACH and Check Processing, stat testing the system with radiantay.com to know the better language of ACH Payments.

Now! How Does This ACH Network Work? Let Us Explain

Many business entities pay wages through direct deposit or let us say consumers pay bills electronically, nowhere ACH payments are responsible for those payments.

Some Takeaway of ACH Payments

  • It is an electronic bank transfer that is processed through the Automated Clearing House Network.
  • ACH Payments are most commonly used for employers to pay the payrolls directly into the bank accounts.
  • ACH transfers are inexpensive, quick, secure, and fast.
  • It is easy to keep the record of income and expenses with every transfer, however the bank creates an electronic record of ACH transfer.

Types of ACH Transfer

Gone those days when you have to walk-in for bill payments or wait for a check to clear, ACH transfer make life easier for consumer and merchants. One can conveniently transfer or receive the amount just sitting at home. ACH Network Processes two kinds of transaction i.e.

Direct Deposit

Direct Payments

Direct Deposit is a kind of electronic payment made from a business entity to the consumer. It includes:

Pay checks
Tax Refund
Interest Payments
Government Benefits
Annuity Payments

ACH Direct Payments can be used by single persons, businesses, and other entities to send money. For e.g, if you’re recharging your DTH Plan online with your bank account, that’s an ACH direct deposit.

ACH Processing for Ecommerce Business

ACH Processing for Ecommerce Business

The term ACH Processing offers great value to your business it gives you a reduction in processing fees that dramatically increase your sales. The establishment of ACH has gained huge popularity and helped many businesses to increase the revenues by setting up the recurring payments option for their valued customers.

Many business enterprises are using ACH Processing to process online payment for their e-commerce businesses. It has gained huge value in eCommerce as it accepts payment directly via a business website rather than accepting debit and credit cards. For the last few years, ACH Payment processing becomes the most valued and popular form of a method for accepting and making payments online. The method is very affordable and reliable for small businesses that are suffering from heavy processing fees, the best form of online payment that helps to save the transaction cost. 

ACH processing offers many benefits over the other payment option like discount rates, lower chargebacks, flexible and easy service, zero reserves, recurring billing and also offer hassle-free solutions. The processing services is known best for its saving on transaction fees, a merchant can improve the sales by 20% as it serves to all types of customers who do not own a credit card and unable to pay for the purchase of products and services, helping your company convert a significant amount of customers. 

Some Features of ACH Processing Includes –

  • Direct Deposit 
  • Electronic Fund Transfer 
  • Tax Saving 
  • Direct Payments 
  • Bill payments 
  • Local, state and federal tax payments 
  • B2B Payments 

ACH Networks allows you to transfer fund electronically into individual or company account. The ACH processing options help merchants and customers to provide better cash management capabilities to all who use it, thereby offering better and visible ACH transactions. Due to its consistent and secure method, the processing is highly safe and secure and there have not been any reports of missing funds or fraudulent activity in the history of ACH. 

Radiant Pay Offer Safe and Secure ACH and Real-Time Processing.


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Time to upgrade, it’s free!

Simply click on the top left of the extension and register to get access to 10 shortcuts. Your email will remain secure, but we might get in touch for your feedback!