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How Wise to use Selfie for Making Payments!

Selfie Merchant Acoount ProcessingThe word Pay by selfie is hitting the commercial global markets. The FIDO Alliance and card issuer consortium EMVCo have decided to bring into line their efforts to produce a new mobile payment specification. Selfie pay is totally new and innovative method for customers and merchants to pay and accept payments by verifying the identity when making transaction online with no spamming and fraud.

This allows card holders to verify the identity by using biometrics through selfie scan and finger prints – at the end the user require taking selfie. The only aim to develop a way to use secure nature of password. The update will introduced in certain countries the UK, Germany, Spain, Belgium and Sweden, following a series of successful trials in the US, Netherlands and Canada.

Finextra reports that the trial in the Netherlands proved very popular with 750 ABN Amro secure credit card users taking part. Over three-quarters of those involved stated that they would continue using a fingerprint scan or a selfie to purchase items. While nine out of 10 said they would replace their password with this new technology.
According to Mastercard nine of out ten people it tested in its Dutch pilot said they would like to replace their password with biometric identification definitively, while 75% of users said they are convinced that biometric payments will decrease fraud.

The Top Payment Gateways To Choose From!!

Global Payment Gateways For Online And E-commerce Business

global payment gateways in ukAccepting Payments from customers is the biggest goal of any eCommerce website. How Will I accept Payments from Customers?? One Common Question arises in one seller’s mind. The best options to solve this puzzle is online payment gateways if you want to provide premium buying experience for your customers, one you need a finest, secure and fast payment gateway service with your eCommerce website.

There are numbers of payment gateways available in markets to choose from, which you would like to choose to give best buying experience to your customers and suitable for your eCommerce website.

What is Payment Gateways?

In short payment gateway is an e-commerce application to provide best online payment transfer for the goods purchased from any eCommerce website. It automatically processes your credit and debit cards to make payments and also allow online sellers to receive payments with their bank accounts. Without payment gateway a transaction did not take place in online business. You can do any online transaction without a so much lifting finger.

Top 2 World’s Finest Payment Gateway Services

PayPal – The most popular payment gateway of the world, with an only email address you can sign up for the PayPal Account. There are no setup fees involved, but you have to pay fees on per transaction starting from 1.9%. It’s been supported in 190 countries and accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express and more.

2checkout – The second most popular gateway in world. It allows payments with 8 payment methods, 15 different languages and 25 currencies. It’s the most suitable payment gateways if your website deals with international customers. Here setup fees are zero and transaction fees is around 1.9% and additional monthly fees is involved. It’s been supported in 200 and more countries and accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Diners, JCB, Debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo, PIN debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo, PayPal.