We specialize in extending our payment processing solutions to high risk businesses.

High risk businesses are generally those which pose a relatively higher risk of credit card chargebacks and fraud. You may be considered a high risk merchant owing to the nature of your business/industry, types of customers, business volumes, geographic location or payment terms. Nevertheless, we dedicate ourselves to providing you with processing solutions tailored to suit your business needs, regardless of the elements stated above.

We service a wide spectrum of high risk businesses, for example:

  • - Adult Content
  • - Online pharmacies
  • - Online Gaming
  • - Health and Wellness Products
  • - Call Centres
  • - Dating websites
  • - Forex
  • - Nutraceuticals
  • - eCigarettes
  • - Travel
  • - ISP and Hosting Services
  • - Mail Order
  • - High-volume E-commerce Businesses
  • - Money Transfer
  • - Prepaid Phone Cards
  • - Airlines
  • - Antiques
  • - Bankruptcy Attorneys
  • - Gambling
  • - Credit Repair
  • - Drug Paraphernalia
  • -E-books
  • - Electronics
  • - Fantasy Sports Websites
  • - Financial Planning
  • - Horoscopes
  • - Astrology
  • - International Merchants
  • - International Shipping
  • - Lotteries
  • - Music
  • - Software Downloads
  • - Pawn Shops
  • - Telemarketing Services
  • Real Estate
  • - Social Networking Websites
A unique approach
We do not believe in the 'one-shoe- fits-all' approach. Our experience and expertise in this domain suggests that we need to develop different strategies for each merchant, since they are unique and have diverse needs; and we do just that. Radiant Pay makes a sincere effort to understand your high risk business and present you with payment processing solutions in Europe and USA that are customized to suit your requirements. Some of the most common elements of our services include:

  • - Integrated merchant account and gateway
  • - Credit/debit card, online direct debit and e-wallet payments
  • - ACH and eCheck payments
  • - Multi-currency processing and settlement
  • - International payment processing
  • - High-volume batch processing
  • - Advanced fraud management
  • - Chargeback management
  • - Customer support
  • - Real time reporting
  • - Effective data management

The downside
Being a high risk merchant, you will have to make do with the comparatively higher rates and complex terms of contract. Moreover, card processing companies may resort to unethical operations when it comes to high risk businesses, thus drilling a hole through your pocket.

Turn your high risk business into a no risk one with Radiant Pay's payment processing solutions. Contact ustoday! High risk business payment services in UK, France, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Romania, and Poland other European countries.
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