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With online banking making major inroads into the EU region in the recent past (over 80% in Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden, over 55% in the United Kingdom, Belgium and France, and over 40% in Ireland, Germany and Austria), it has become absolutely essential for all businesses to ensure secure online payments for their everyday transactions.

We, at Radiant Pay, offer you a streamlined process to effectively manage your online banking payments. Our range of online banking payment processing solutions permits customers to make payments even if they do not own a card. This, in turn, elevates the rate of conversion and the level of customer satisfaction, since this mode of payment allows online buyers to pay conveniently (via bank transfer) through just a couple of clicks.

Why should you opt for online banking payments?
Honestly, there is no reason why you shouldn't. However, here's a quick glimpse at some of the top-level features that will make you wonder why you haven't already signed up for it:

- Very low transaction costs
- Automated process
- Real time authorisation of payments
- Minimised fraud
- No geographical barriers
- Guarantee of payment
- Quick transfer of funds
In addition to all of the above, we also offer you varied online bank transfer options on one platform (which needs to be integrated into your payment page just once). Talk about being easy-to-use!
Come to us for an all-inclusive online banking payments processing solution and gear up to take your business to the next level.

Key features and advantages
- Check guarantee, verification and recovery
- 100% electronic transactions
- Minimized risk of human error
- Faster transactions
- Zero handling fees
- 24x7 access to funds
- No risk of lost/stolen checks
- Reduced paperwork
- Improved cash flow
- Quicker closing, balancing and settlement
- Automatic tracking of ACH payments back to your customer
- No manual reconciliation required
- Cost-effective
- Direct debit into your customer's checking account
- Auto-conversion of paper checks into ACH transfers
- Real time transaction status tracking
- Better service
- Easy to implement – convenient, secure and efficient

ACH and Check Processing for BUSINESSES
Regardless of the size or the nature of your business, we partner with you to provide the essential tools needed to accept/verify payments, avoid fraud, eliminate bad payments, and recover taxes through our comprehensive merchant programs and solutions. ACH and Check Processing for DEVELOPERS
We help you integrate our ACH and check processing solution into your website, application or software to enable you to support your customers and clients in the best possible way. Get over traditional check processing – call us today!

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